About Us

Pula Capital Partners is a black-owned innovative private equity partner that invests in companies seeking a B-BBEE shareholder. We are a subsidiary of one of South Africa’s most admired private companies with close on 300 employees (LRMG) and our value proposition sits squarely with leveraging the value that LRMG has to offer investees.

As a performance optimisation business, LRMG is a leader in SA in providing advice, products and consulting on company performance and development, through offering services tailored to improve the performance of the people within organisations.

LRMG (lrmg.co.za) has a broad and diverse client base, including blue chip companies from sectors like:


  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Government
  • Financial services
  • Education, etc.

Pula Capital’s mission is to grow companies not only through B-BBEE, but also through an integration of your company into LRMG’s broad client base whilst also supporting your sales efforts and business development into the broader market.

our strengths

Our lead executives have a combined business experience of over fifty years – most of it specialized in the growth of companies’ equity. They have spent a career lifetime understanding what makes companies valuable – from the softer elements of corporate culture, to understanding deep strategy and business processes, to hard core performance measurement and corporate finance.

So therefore, Pula specializes in:

Company Strategy
People & Business Development
Equity Value and Growth
Mergers & Acquisitions
Core Performance Metrics
Capital Raising and Funding
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“We are very excited to have found in LRMG a well-established and reputable B-BBEE partner that can add significant value to our business by unlocking joint opportunities in an enlarged client base. The cultural fit and LRMG’s particular efforts in woman’s empowerment is a bonus….”

Sally Acton
CEO, Torque Solutions

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