A Joining of Forces

Pula Capital Partners, LRMG’s investment arm, is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of a strategic investment partnership with well-known sales training provider, The Sales Institute.

“The Sales Institute is highly complementary to our Sales Optimisation consulting business, which focuses on enabling high performance in sales teams. We are now able to enhance our value offerings by reinforcing skills through the training the Sales Institute provides,” says LRMG CEO, Ricky Robinson.

The Sales Institute delivers high-quality sales and customer service training, both on-site or virtual, supported by a national network of skilled coaches and facilitators. In addition to the existing suite of courses, the Institute is also well known for developing bespoke training to meet clients’ requirements.

Founder of the Sales Institute, Tim Keys, echoed the importance of the partnership. “We are so excited to have found a collaborative partner that shares our passion for effective learning and is able to give us exposure to a much bigger customer base. We also know we will benefit significantly from Pula Capital Partners’ innovative approach to applying support, knowledge and networks to help us scale our business.”

About LRMG

We are leaders in talent technology and talent advisory solutions. Our clients love that we provide an end-to-end solution for high performance that is never a drop-and-run, but carefully designed to deliver talent that performs.

LRMG Digitally enables high performance in teams with talent acceleration systems, smart toolboxes, content, and new high-performance habit-forming strategies to pivot for success.

LRMG, a AAA+ level 1 accredited B-BBEE company, is a 25-year-old organisation with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya and Mauritius and representation in another 18 African territories. To learn more about LRMG, visit www.lrmg.co.za

About Pula Capital Partners

Pula Capital Partners is a subsidiary of LRMG and its value proposition sits squarely with leveraging the value that LRMG has to offer investees. Pula Capital’s mission is to grow companies not only through B-BBEE, but also by integrating companies into LRMG’s broad client base and market-facing value propositions, whilst supporting their sales efforts and business development into the broader market. For more information, visit www.pulapartners.co.za .

About The Sales Institute

Established in 2000, The Sales Institute provides quality training for all sales and customer roles. Courses are based on the best practices of top performers and provide practical guidance to achieve success. The facilitators all have many years’ experience in sales and adult learning. The Institute is also able to customise learning programmes according to specific needs. For more information, visit https://www.salesinstitute.co.za.

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