Pula Capital Partners (Pula), LRMG’s B-BBEE investment arm, has partnered with KPI Management Solutions (KPI), further strengthening LRMG’s focus on performance optimisation.

KPI helps organisations manage and improve business performance through technology enabled solutions that map out and measure how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Data integration, reporting and visualisation methodologies and tools are used to drive optimisation, unlocking value and profits.

“KPI is a company with innovative financial performance management skills and tools, which are highly synergistic with our own market focus and very attractive for our clients,” says CEO of LRMG, Ricky Robinson, “as Performance Architects, we continue to grow our business and those of our clients by partnering with companies that deliver innovative optimisation solutions, from sales to finances.”

“We went through a rigorous process to find the right B-BBEE partner who we believe would be able to really add value to our organisation and where there was also a comfortable cultural fit,” says Roger Knocker, CEO of KPI, “and what particularly excited us is the strong sales methodology that LRMG has developed to help companies systematically grow new business.”

Leveraging the internal and external resources of the LRMG group, Pula provides an exponential growth path for the companies they invest in.

This year alone, Pula’s investments in Game on Performance Solutions and BizWize Consulting have positioned LRMG for substantial growth. CEO of LRMG, Ricky Robinson believes Pula’s success highlights the value they add to the companies they partner with.


About LRMG

LRMG aligns people and environments to optimal performance through a unique understanding of the connected mechanisms and contexts that drive positive people and organisational outcomes. It has been delivering performance solutions that result in a measurable impact since 1997, and its solutions continue to evolve to address the capacity, competence and capability its clients will need tomorrow. LRMG has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya and Mauritius and representation in another 18 African territories. Its homepage is: www.lrmg.co.za

About KPI

KPI Management Solutions helps organisations manage and improve business performance. Its innovative software solutions identify, quantify and unlock business inefficiencies, delivering measurable financial results. Customised to each client, its solutions embrace reporting; data analytics; planning and forecasting; data modelling and KPI training. Simple, seamless and smart, KPI plays a key role in enabling performance optimisation that adds to a business’ bottom line. For more information, visit www.kpims.co.za

About Pula Capital Partners

Pula Capital Partners is a black-owned private equity partner that invests in companies seeking a Black Economic Empowerment shareholder. It is a subsidiary of LRMG and its value proposition sits squarely with leveraging the value that LRMG has to offer investees. Pula Capital’s mission is to grow companies not only through B-BBEE, but also by integrating companies into LRMG’s broad client base, whilst supporting their sales efforts and business development into the broader market. For more information, visit www.pulapartners.co.za


Aviwe Nomnganga

Pula Capital Partners

+27 21 200 6751


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