Innovative B-BBEE investor Pula Capital Partners held their first public and well attended B-BBEE briefing in partnership with Empowerdex on 25, April 2017, at Kelvin Grove in Newlands, Cape Town. Close to 50 companies got to understand how companies go through the verification process under the new (2013) B-BBEE codes, how the new legislation affects businesses and a unique value proposition on how to do an equitable deal was unpacked.

Empowerdex Presentation

Duncan de Groot, head of B-BBEE consultancy firm Carvel Capital (an Empowerdex subsidiary), talked precisely about how the B-BBEE codes have changed over time and how companies are verified on the new B-BBEE scorecard.

Pula Capital Presentation

Brian Rainier, corporate finance veteran, and director of Pula Capital Partners explained the implications of the newly amended B-BBEE codes on small businesses in the revenue threshold of R10 million to R50 million (Qualifying Small Enterprises) and how such businesses can do a fair B-BBEE deal.

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Pula Capital Partners is a subsidiary of one of South Africa’s most admired companies, LRMG .


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